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    The Project
    The residents of Las Olas Marina in Puerto Cancún will have the privilege of a location with a high level of development, that will bring you the comfort of having close by, open Commercial Centers and a Levee with elegants Cafes, Bars and Boutiques

    Being the Nautical life one of the main attractions in Puerto Cancun, Las Olas Marinas will have capacity for 25  crafts up to 45 feet of lenght

    Location ( Puerto Cancún)

    Is located inside the Isla Mujeres bay, the new luxury extension of Cancuns Hotel zone, in a piece of land that hasn’t been developed. Only 20 minutes from the airport and 5 minutes from downtown, Puerto Cancun has been  strategically desing inside Cancun city.

    Las Olas Cancún is and Island located on the Heart of Puerto Cancun, residents and visitors will have a direct view to the main access of the Marine, to the Caribbean sea and to the exclusive Golf course.
    Viva lo mejor de lavida
    Live the best of life

    The concept is based in a tropical atmosphere with  large green areas, special swimming pools for adults and kids with toboggans, tennis courts, ciclopista, jogging track and other amenities that will give the residents a wide variety of options for recreation and relaxation.

    Las Olas Marinas in Puerto Cancun  offers you this wonderfull amenities area to share with family and friends, in an exclusive and safe enviroment, with the turquoise color of the Caribbean sea as a background and enjoying life at maximum

    A polished ambiance

    Los tonos claros y la textura de los materiales empleados en pisos y techos, permitan aprovechar la exquisita luz natural a lo largo del dia creando una atmosfera que invita al resposo en medio de un ambiente de absoluta tranquilidad.

    The Light colors and texture of the material used in floors and roofs, allowd  to use the exquisite natural light trough out the day, creating and ambiance that invites to relaxation in an atmosphere of complete  calm.

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Cancun Real Estate - Buy Cancun Real Estate
Cancun Real Estate - Buy Cancun Real Estate
Cancun Real Estate - Buy Cancun Real Estate
Cancun Real Estate - Buy Cancun Real Estate
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Cancun Real Estate - Buy Cancun Real Estate
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